Mouse 2.0 by Microsoft

13 years and 3 months ago · listen

While I use more and more the touchpad then the mouse, Microsoft is experimenting with new input devices that combine the standard capabilities of a computer mouse with multi-touch sensing. The future will something of this kind:

RSS readers should click here to see the video.

I need a Google Wave invite

13 years and 4 months ago · listen

If someone has one invite to spare, I would appreciate it. Please send it to my gmail account (joao.bordalo). Thank you so much.

Social networks unique visitors

13 years and 4 months ago · listen

Interesting and very well designed graphic with a comparison of the 3 major social networks unique visitors. Proudly stolen from a Chicago Tribune article:

tip: click to image for a bigger version.

What year are you from?

13 years and 4 months ago · listen

PhotoSketch is an “Internet Image Montage” project from five students at Tsinghua University and the National University of Singapore. The basic premise, which they present in the form of a research paper [pdf], works like this:

  • Draw the outlines of the figures you want in your picture – anything from seagulls to a wedding kiss;
  • Add labels for each of the items, as well as for the background.
  • PhotoSketch will then find real-life images to match your doodles and put them together in a Photoshopped image that will make your jaw drop.

And before you say "it must be fake", download and read the research paper (in pdf), already evaluated by the scientific community.

Impressive collaborative music

13 years and 5 months ago · listen

In Bb 2.0 is a collaborative music and spoken word project conceived by Darren Solomon from Science for Girls, and developed with contributions from users. 20 different YouTube videos embed in the same page, each with one instrument playing a tune, but where harmony is very well achieved. The videos can be played simultaneously - the soundtracks will work together, and the mix can be adjusted with the individual volume sliders. And you can combine any choice of instruments and play a different music each time, worth a try.