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Open source plays a tremendous part in my engineering journey. This is my primary way of learning and I'm truly humbled to have influenced so many people with my projects. Here are just a few of them.

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20 years of experience

  • Sep 1990
    May 1996

    Minho University

    Graduate Student

    Complementary studies in cryptography and distributed operating systems

  • Jun 1995
    May 1996


    Project Manager

    EU project, with coordination of teams in several UE countries

  • Jun 1996
    May 1998

    Telenet ISP

    Systems engineer

    ISP's mail system engineer
    System administrator

  • Apr 1998
    Apr 1999

    IP Global ISP

    Systems engineer

    ISP's provisioning system
    Network security officer

  • May 1999
    Feb 2002

    Novis ISP

    Systems engineer

    Network security officer and mail, proxy, DNS and AAA systems

  • Mar 2002
    Apr 2006

    Clix Portal


    Overall technical guidance
    R&D of new portal products and services

  • Jul 2006
    Dec 2015

    Excentric digital agency


    Innovation and R&D
    Digital marketing

  • Jan 2016


    Full stack Developer

    Development of web apps
    Consulting and advising


The full story

Back in 1992, while at my Informatics and Systems Engineering course at the Minho University, I had the first contact with the Internet. At that time, Internet was nothing else than a few email addresses, some FTP sites, the Usenet and a couple of archaic search engines - the World Wide Web was still to be publicly available. But it was enough to get me hooked.

I started my working experience in 1996 working for Telenet, one of the first ISP in Portugal, which was later bought by IP Global (also an ISP), which later was acquired by Sonae (the biggest non-financial group in Portugal) giving birth to Novis, a telco company. During this period, I developed strong technical knowledges in Internet access technologies and services, learn several open-source programming languages and developed my design, usability and accessibility skills.

In 1999, the SonaeCom group decided to spin off Clix, the portal and future ISP brand for the the group telecommunications arm. In 2002, I accept the invitation to become Clix technical director, where I developed my management and strategic skills, and helped the company to develop the second biggest portal in Portugal, as to search and implement innovative access products, such as wireless broadband and TV over IP technologies.

Early 2006, I decided to exit the Sonae group and formed my own company, Excentric, focusing on digital media and advertising, which became financial healthy in 6 months, with significant growth and development in new business areas.

In 2013, Excentric merged with Grey Lisboa (a WPP company), giving birth to ExcentricGrey, a full service advertising agency, where I had the role of partner. At the end of 2015, WPP bought the remaining stake in the company, and I decided it was time to begin a new chapter in my professional life.

Almost 10 years doing management roles kept me away from getting my hands dirty, and I felt I needed to re-learn the new skills of the trade. So, in 2016 I decided to take a break, and spent the entire year experimenting with stuff like Dockers, Meteor, MongoDB, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

In 2017, I spent the entire year advising a Venture Builder fund on new technologies and startup evaluation. I also developed several website and applications for customers, and consulted a few customers on innovation and disruptive technologies.

And now, here I am, looking for new opportunities.

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