What the f**k is social media, one year later

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An update on the already famous Marta Kagan's presentation on Social Media (or like Armando calls it, Social Web). Full with pearls of wisdom, a must read.

Microsoft can't sell Word anymore

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Yes, really, due to patent infringement. The judge also ordered Microsoft to pay i4i more than $290 million in damages. Maybe now Microsoft will start hating software patents.

One year later

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A small break in my recovery of a ligament rupture to mark my son's first anniversary... And to remind me of the luck of having health and a very happy family (even with a injured left ankle). Happy birthday son.

Sony responds to project Natal

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Who said E3 was dead? After Microsoft's project Natal, Sony responds with his new motion controller for Playstation Eye:

Millimetric precision, almost instant response, and above all, a live demo with the technology, not an environment controlled, video manipulated demo like Microsoft did. So, Santa, wait up for my Christmas request, will you?

Project Natal for XBOX 360

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While the buzz from Microsoft these days concentrate on Bing, their new "not a search engine but a decision engine" service, I think the real breakthrough technology people should be looking and talking about is the new project named Natal for XBOX 360.

It's a all new ball game in the human computer interaction, where one does not need a controller to play and interact with the XBOX 360. Just be there and play. Watch the demo:

Natal is the portuguese word for Christmas, does it means it will be available in Christmas? If so, Santa, I know is a bit early to ask for presents, but unless otherwise, this is what I want.

Update 4 hours later: Johnny Chung Lee has some technical insights of this project in his blog.