The BTuga case

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Two weeks ago, ASAE (Economics and Food Security Agency) seized the servers of three portuguese torrent aggregators, BTuga, ZeTuga and ZeMula. The news also informed that ASAE was planning to investigate all the users of this sites. Yes, we are talking about more than 200 thousand users. If the task seems impossible to achieve, due to the huge number of users, it also seems illegal under the EU law, as stated by this article from The Register (concerning a different case).

What do you think about it?

Eight financial reasons to use Mac

15 years and 6 months ago · listen

Cio wrote an excelent article with the eight financial reasons why you should use Mac OS. In a nutshell, the reasons are:

  • Macs bring a better overall value proposition
  • Macintosh licensing fees are cheaper
  • The Mac desktop spawns fewer calls to the help desk
  • Mac users are more productive workers
  • Macs last longer
  • Mac OS is more secure
  • Mac is just as cost-effective as Windows to manage and administer
  • Add Macs while hanging on to your investments in other OSes

The war season is open, please send your flames.

Harry Potter's spoiler t-shirt

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Some of my friends are huge Harry Potter fans, and I'm always kidding with them by saying that I will make the worse t-shirt ever: with the information leaked from Harry Potter's last book, I will do a t-shirt telling the end of the saga, and ware it through the sidewalk, in the book launch night. Imagine all the people waiting for twelve o'clock in the cue, and suddenly being confronted with the spoiler. Of course I'm kidding, I would never do a thing like that, I'm not (that) evil, but someone is.

This guys have made the t-shirt. Fortunately, the launch night has gone, since the temptation would be huge! >:-)

Click here to see the t-shirt. Note: spoiler ahead.

Update: It can get more evil than I thought:

A headteacher caused some distress by reading to about 400 children from the last page of the final Harry Potter book at a primary school in Somerset.

Via a BBC News report.

The new iMac keyboard?

15 years and 6 months ago · listen

Engadget received a few photos of what is claimed to be Apple's new keyboard for the iMac computers. I don't know if this is true or not, but I'm sure of one thing: this keyboard is magnificent. I wonder how will it be on the usability stand point.

The power of good UI design

15 years and 6 months ago · listen

Watching this movie is like watching the future...

A 1 year old baby using an iPhone:

RSS readers should click here to watch the movie.