Earth guide

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From the Japanese Science and Technology Agency, check Earth Guide, one of the best sites I have seen concerning the Earth, the Sun, the Solar system and even the Milky Way galaxy.

The graphics are astonishing, the data very well put on perspective, and all the navigation and looks of the site are extremely well accomplished. Again, great great site!

Speed up your Mac

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Via digg, a cool article with 52 ways to speed up you OS X.

The subjectiveness of art

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A Spanish television channel decided to make a neat experiment: they gave a clean canvas to children to paint it, were able to put the painting in ARCO (the biggest contemporary art in Spain), and recorded some opinions of the art (?) work from several people.

"It denotes a great experiment from the artist", "Yes, 15.000 euros is a reasonable price for it", "I can fell some sexual frustration from the artist" are some of the recorded opinions. It's a all new meaning for the world subjectiveness. You can watch the broadcasted show in the following Youtube video (in spanish):

RSS readers should click here to watch the video.


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Christian Effenberger developed Loupe.js, which allows you to add a magnifier to an object on your page. To use it, all you have to do is to download a Javascript file and a small PNG image, and insert the following line of code in the place you want to have the magnifier:

<div><img id="..." onLoad="initLoupe(;" ...></div>

The result is something like this (click here to see it working):

A Greener Apple

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After greenpeace call for action for the reduction of the usage of hazardous substances in Apple equipment (previous post here), Steve Jobs responded with this paper, entitled "A Greener Apple".

Thank you Steve.