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Due to the lack of good statistics about this blog RSS readers and subscribers, I decided to serve my RSS feeds (?) via FeedBurner. The problem was, how to do it without disturbing my faithful subscribers?

The how-to:

Done. If you have any problems with my 'new' RSS feed, please let me know, by leaving a comment.

Wii have a problem

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It looks like an epidemic of busted screens for users of Nintendo’s new Wii game system. That's not all: the website Wii Have a Problem is collecting cases of Wii-related accidents. Well, whatever you do - DO NOT- throw the controller out of anger.

Animator vs Animation II

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The saga, one of the best animations I've seen ever. If you are reading this through a RSS reader, come on in, we have a embeded video to show.

Update2: Following a suggestion from Joel, here are the direct links for the two videos: Animator vs Animation and Animator vs Animation II. The videos have better quality in the Atom Films website, but you have to pay the price of watching some publicity.

Update: Youtube decided to drop the video, so I had to browse for a while to find it in another "share your videos" service. So, here it is again, now from DailyMotion:

For those who never saw the first episode, here it is:

Link dump for the day

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While heading for a weekend of rest and relax, some news that hit my RSS reader:

Wind powered robots

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Dutch artist Theo Jansen created what I believe are magnificent pieces of art: wind powered robots. The concept, the way it moves, the grace. Theo hopes, someday, that his creations can be set loose in the winds of the world to live lives of their own. Of course, someone as already take advantage of this and use it for advertising:

Still on robots, vertebrate physiologist John Long at Vassar College in Poughkeepsie, N.Y. is making an experience on robots mating and evolving. The idea is to better understand how vertabrates evolved, but I'll let you to read the full article.