CG Water

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A short film with computer generated water. Can you tell the difference from the real thing?

Firefox 2 vs IE 7

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The initial round was won by Firefox 2, with 2 million downloads in the first 24 hours. IE 7 got 3 million downloads in 4 days, which gives something like 750 thousands downloads per day.

But now will enter Windows Automatic Update, which will boost IE 7 downloads number. But what matters for me is that user preferences are bending for the free, open-source browser, Firefox.

How to fool PageRank

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Everytime I look at my Google Analytics statistics, there is this article always on the top 5. That is a bit awkward, since it is an article about some changes I made to my blog: why is it so much important to people to all others articles, all this 8 months?

My first thought was someone with a heavy traffic site had linked to this particular article, so I went to Google and searched for sites linking to this specific article. There are no sites or soever linking to it. Hummm, that's strange.

Then I got it! The title of the article is Food Poisining, which has a typo: it should be Food Poisoning. This is a inocent mistake, and by definition, a common one, so I decided to give it a try, and search in Google for 'Food Poisining'. There it is, in a fine 6th place.

update: The article in question was updated with a message explaining the mistake people are doing, and helping them getting the right way.


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In the XXI century, one of the advantages of my anniversary day it's to find out the huge list of websites where, at least once, I ever made a sign in*. I guess is time for the annual cleaning.

*Yes, I put my real birthday whenever is asked.

Microsoft: don't view the source

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Guess what happens when you click the 'View Source' option in IE7? No comments.