How to fool PageRank

16 years and 3 months ago · listen

Everytime I look at my Google Analytics statistics, there is this article always on the top 5. That is a bit awkward, since it is an article about some changes I made to my blog: why is it so much important to people to all others articles, all this 8 months?

My first thought was someone with a heavy traffic site had linked to this particular article, so I went to Google and searched for sites linking to this specific article. There are no sites or soever linking to it. Hummm, that's strange.

Then I got it! The title of the article is Food Poisining, which has a typo: it should be Food Poisoning. This is a inocent mistake, and by definition, a common one, so I decided to give it a try, and search in Google for 'Food Poisining'. There it is, in a fine 6th place.

update: The article in question was updated with a message explaining the mistake people are doing, and helping them getting the right way.


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In the XXI century, one of the advantages of my anniversary day it's to find out the huge list of websites where, at least once, I ever made a sign in*. I guess is time for the annual cleaning.

*Yes, I put my real birthday whenever is asked.

Tangerine, iTunes best friend

16 years and 3 months ago · listen

Via pfig, iTunes best friend: Tangerine lets you easily create playlists based on the BPM and beat intensity of the songs in your iTunes library. It allows to save the playlist on the iTunes (which is great for my iPod playists), is free, and with a lovely design (click the image below for a bigger picture):


16 years and 3 months ago · listen

This must be the ultimate online organiser. Well, in truth, it also works in offline mode, maintaining all the interface functionalities. If you have 7 minutes and 9 seconds to spare, take a look at the video: