GarageBand on the web

16 years and 4 months ago · listen

For all out there that ever used the amazing Mac software to create music, GarageBand, there is a new web site that mimics the software, but in a great web interface, Splice.

Watching TV

16 years and 4 months ago · listen

I have just found, a website where you can watch more than 150 TV channels, including the portuguese ones. Since I'm learning to play poker (with some friends), I can now watch the Poker channel at work (hope the boss don't read this). Well, was that or the Playboy channel...

The quality is not great, and I'm sure that in some days it will be impossible to watch any channel, just because I think the people from TVTUGA don't have the necessary bandwidth to accomodate a lot of users. Hope I'm wrong, good luck TVTUGA.


16 years and 5 months ago · listen

Still working like a maniac on my new project (more news briefly), but finally had the time to correct my typo engine. Search is ok again, and I'm able to add more articles, so...

Trick other people's eyes

16 years and 6 months ago · listen

Two funny visual tricks to resolve common problems:

  • Everyone who owns a wireless network has the problem of parasite surfers, those guys who grab your open network and use it for accessing the Internet. The common solution for this problem is to use some kind of cryptography (WEP, WPA, etc), but now you can do something different: with Upside-Down-Ternet you can still offer network access to the people, but the images they will see in the Internet will be upside-down, or even blured. Well, this will not resolve the problem of people using your network to download bittorrents or other type of "non visual" data, but it sure is a funny thing to do;
  • Another common problem to people is how to surf the Internet in the office, without raising many eyebrows. So what if you could surf the Internet, but inside a Word document? Just like if you were editing an important paper to your company. Your office collegues will start to see you as the most productive, never surfing, always working guy, right? Just use workFRIENDLY to do it.

Site5, the trailing slash issue

16 years and 6 months ago · listen

Anyone with a hosting service from Site5 could have this problem: when you have your web application in a directory symlinked, like

  ~/public_html/webapp -> ~/apps/webapp

when accessing to the URL you will have an error (Bad Request). But if you add the trailing slash to the URL, everything will work fine. After some digging in Site5 foruns, I resolved the problem by creating a file, named 400.shtml, placed in the public_html directory, with the following content:

  <SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript">
  window.location="<!--#echo var="REQUEST_URI" -->/";
  // -->

Hope it helps.