Apple Keynote Bloopers

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It happens to the best... But even here Steve do it with style...

An Inconvenient Truth

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Yesterday I went to the cinema and watched the Al Gore documentary. After, I had mixed feelings about it, so I had to stop and think, and here are my main conclusions:

  • If you have political sensibility, you will feel that there is to much of Al Gore's life in the movie. I guess is important to contextualize you in why he's doing this, but it made me feel uncomfortable;
  • If you have real concerns (and plan to do something about it) about the global warming problem, you should watch the documentary: it has a lot of new data, and it has the ability to clear up your mind;
  • If you need to do presentations and slide shows, than you must watch this documentary. Al Gore presentation skills are awesome, and the looks of the slides are just smashing. I guess I'm allow to say that Steve Jobs is no more the reference on the subject.

Summarizing, I suggest every one to watch the documentary.

GarageBand on the web

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For all out there that ever used the amazing Mac software to create music, GarageBand, there is a new web site that mimics the software, but in a great web interface, Splice.

Watching TV

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I have just found, a website where you can watch more than 150 TV channels, including the portuguese ones. Since I'm learning to play poker (with some friends), I can now watch the Poker channel at work (hope the boss don't read this). Well, was that or the Playboy channel...

The quality is not great, and I'm sure that in some days it will be impossible to watch any channel, just because I think the people from TVTUGA don't have the necessary bandwidth to accomodate a lot of users. Hope I'm wrong, good luck TVTUGA.


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Still working like a maniac on my new project (more news briefly), but finally had the time to correct my typo engine. Search is ok again, and I'm able to add more articles, so...