Apple rumors and fakes

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Yesterday I got my first iPod, the black nano. And you know the drill: it's your new gadget, and it's the best of the world. But today, while reading my daily blogroll, I founded two pieces that got me thinking:

  • AppleInsider shows a new Apple fillings for the iPod redesign. It seems Apple intends to abandon the Click-Whell interface, so my brand new iPod nano will soon be a museum piece.
  • A video showing what the author called the OSX Leopard Mobile running on a video iPod, with stylus and sensitive screen. My first reaction was to curse for choosing the iPod nano, but than I realized the video is fake: it's a video simulating the user interface, and you can notice that by watching it very carefully. Watch the video below.
  • Last, ThinkSecret says Apple will deliver a spreadsheet software (Charts? Numbers?) in iWorks'07, scheduled to launch on January 2007.

Frisbee + Camera = Catchu

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Imagine the possibilities: a camera attached to a frisbee, able to record 20 minutes of broadcast quality video, with no moving parts (capable of hard landing). For those who are feeling dizzy with the mental footage, Catchu integrates a smart wind vein on the top, which keeps the camera facing in the same direction, even when it's spinning through the air.

I wonder if NSA will look at this as they looked at the Furbys.

Funny MS Word easter egg

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Just write "= rand (200,99)" (without the commas) and hit enter.

The breakdown of modern web design

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If you are a designer unsure where or how you spend your time, this is for you:

Presenting Apple iBox

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The next generation console, no cables: