Yahoo Video is out

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And is the best tool to find videos, since it searches all over the web, not only in his internal database (as Google and YouTube do).

More information about Yahoo Video can be found in this Ars Technica article.

Google Checkout

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Garett Rogers from ZDNet thinks has found a new Google service, Google Checkout:

I think it will be a shopping cart system to help websites accept payment for their items online. The money site owners make will be deposited into a holding account at Google — just like AdSense works.

Can this be a PayPal killer? You can read the original article here.

Undercover songs

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Nuno and Fred have done a great job with Undercover Songs: a new podcast for, as they state in the site, "share with you poor, unsuspecting souls the best --and the worst-- of cover songs."Great job guys.

Quake for runners

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With the GameRunner, you can now run for your life:

It's a wonderful Internet

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For all it those, it's a wonderful Internet.