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So, after all the fuss around this issue, Sony decided to allow people to download an uninstaler for is DRM software. All you have to do is fill a form, download the software and run it. Know that you know that, don't do it. People from Freedom to Tinker found out that if you install Sony uninstaller in your PC, you are opening a huge security hole. Malicious users can execute code in your PC, all you have to do is visit one of there websites. Where (and when) is this going to end?

Web 2.0 definition

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There are a lot of different definitions for what is Web 2.0. Wikipedia as one, Tim O'Reilly another, and there is even a cumulative definition. Maybe Web 2.0 is about this: peer-to-peer services, where your peers helps you getting what you need, and in return you help your peers by participating. And this can be used for viewing television and videos over the internet, with Tioti (Tape If Of The Internet), for writing and reading stories, with Glypho, or for finding interesting stories with Digg. What I really now is that, like Mark Evans, I'm drowning in Web 2.0 apps.

Happy birthday Firefox

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One year later, Firefox turns into a baby with 11.51% market share.

Update: these guys are serious about changing from IE to Firefox