Bash war on terror

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If you know what a Bourne Shell is, care about Middle Eastern politics, and have a sense of humor, you will enjoy this.

Phoney Teleconomics

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An interesting view of how will be the future of telecomunication economics: based on presence management.

Windows Vista

17 years and 6 months ago · listen definition for Vista: A distant view or prospect, especially one seen through an opening, as between rows of buildings or trees. I think the key word here is distant. Window Vista site here.

The Chinese People's money

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  • People's Bank of China establishes the Renminbi, or people's money, in December 1948. The currency is more commonly called the yuan.
  • The yuan is fixed at 2.42 to the dollar from 1953 to 1972 - the height of China's Soviet-style planned economy.
  • China introduces a dual track currency system. The yuan is maintained for domestic use only, while foreigners are required to use foreign exchange certificates.
  • China adopts current account convertibility in 1996. The yuan trades in a narrow band of 8.28 to the dollar
  • July 2005: China announces a shake-up in the way it values its currency. It ditches the dollar peg in favour of a basket of currencies.
    </ul>At this moment, trades at 8.11, but now it can vary, which is good, I guess...