Where to surf today

Find the best places to surf in Portugal, near your location, with todays's conditions

Status: Live
Client: Personal project


EC2, S3, Nginx
Business logic
Algorithm to calculate surf score
API Layer / MVC
Meteor, Google Maps, Ruby scripts
Design / UI
Materialize CSS


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The problem:

Imagine you are in Portugal, you want to go surfing, but you don't know where the best waves are.

What do you do?

Well, you open your surf guide, see what surf spots are near enough, search for a beachcam on that spot, and after some thorough evaluation, you finally decide where to go. Now it's time to search for the spot on Google Maps, and get some directions.

Wouldn't be great if there was a simpler way of doing all this?

Well, there is.

That's why I made https://wheretosurftoday.com some time ago.

And how exactly it solves the problem?

After you give authorization to the website to access your location, you will get:

  • 133 spots covering all the portuguese coast
  • Access to the beachcam link
  • Specific information about the spot
  • Direct links to Google Maps
  • Every spot has its own forecast
  • Forecast in 3 hours slots
  • Surf score for each spot and slot
  • Search based on geolocation
  • Navigate using the built in map
  • No sign up, no ads, no data gathering
  • Easier to type domain, https://wtst.info
  • Android app available