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This weekend my cable tv decided to not work anymore, so i had to re-invent my entertainment definition. For a couple of weeks now, i have my adsl link up and running, so i decided to make some web digging and see what was there for me.

And here are the results:

if you want to watch live tv channels from all over the world (+100), try BeelineTV; to the ones who like short funny movies, try darlugo, truveo</a> or google video; if you want to watch some old movies or tv series (remember Flash Gordon?) you can always take a peek at Emol and download some, since they are copyright free; and if don't give a damn to copyright, and don't care for video quality, go to divxcrawler and download some of last month blockbusters.

After this, who needs cable tv after all?

Update: my cable tv is up again, so i will be able to watch the soccer game tonight. Yes, there's a reason to have cable tv, after all.

Update2: just found a post here on using Google to find for open index webpages with movies. Just click here to see some results provided by Google.

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