17 years and 3 months ago · listen

The world is evolving, and so are human relations. Media formats will be purely digital, and distribution will be in a peer-to-peer model. Search engines will understand what I want, in plain english. But should I say ‘will’ or ‘are’? Is the future nearer then we think?
<ul><li>NTT is experimenting with human remote controlling. The idea is “to perhaps make video games more realistic”, which can be very exciting, but having low voltage currents through my brain isn’t my preferred definition of fun.

<li>Videoegg claim is “internet video publishing as simple as it ought to be like posting a photo or frying an egg”. Well, I don’t know, don’t have the time to try it, but it seems people from Six Apart</a> really like this service: the partner each other, and now you can now post video in your typepad blog, as simple as frying an egg.

<li>How will be TV in 10 years? Well, I don’t know, but BrightCove as a really strong idea, and it makes sense. Just add mass adoption of broadband, dropping costs in video production, new reach media formats and home networks, and you have a all new economy model.

<li>From the web2explorer blog, I found this “more-than-a-search-engine” technology, ePrecis. Read the post, and then try and throw some sentences to the text box