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Today's bloglines reading gave me a lot of interesting stories about possible technical, social and political trends. Here are a few, rescued from my last browser crash:

  • Yahoo seems to be experimenting a new way of online ads: in Yahoo Movies, search for a movie (I used Vatel), go to the bottom of the page, and in the Sponsored Links box notice the links for different ad types. Click one and you will see ads only about the tag you just selected. Nice move, gives you less visibility, but targeted ads with higher levels of attention;
  • Still in the advertising market, it looks like the marketing guys are getting there: The New York Times as a story about marketers getting really excited with three second messages in phone displays, all powered up by GPS positioning and location target adverstising;
  • An interesting post on why Yahoo Music is better than iTunes for home entertainment. I admit I will think about this, really;
  • A beautiful idea, sharing broadband to increase speed, is becoming a business case: two companies, Mushroom Networks and WiBoost Inc., are about to launch their new products. It looks like good sense is prevailing, take a peak at the article;
  • Lawrence Lessig wrote an interesting post about the need for regulation on the "net neutrality" issue. If you want to know more on this subject, try the Wikipedia definition.

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