Food poisining

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Update: If you got here because you need to know more about food poisoning, please bare in mind that probably you misspelled it. You will get better results if you search for food poisoning on Google. If you are here to read this article, please continue.

Something we ate tuesday wasn't that good, so we spent the last couple of days trying to get the fluids levels back. Meanwhile, the heart beat returned to normal, so I was able to take some time and make some improvements on this site:

  • Licensed this webpage under the Creative Commons License. In summary, you can do whatever you want with work from this site, since you maintain the attribute of the original work. The specific license can be read here;
  • Added de de facto icon for RSS sindication. It's more user friendly this way, and brings a little color to the site. Another advantage is to turn more visible the search results - guess orange squares moving are more eye catching than grey and blue text;
  • Since not everyone knows what RSS is, below the sindication icons is now a link pointing to a page explaining what RSS is. The idea was inspired in Ivo Gomes blog. Any comments on the text are welcome;
  • Added access keys to the site, is now possible to navigate using the keyboard. You can read all about this in the colophon page. Next steps are implement access keys for post commenting and search results, any ideas?
  • Updated the colophon page, and added a site history section.

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