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Digg is a huge success, so every one is trying to make a clone of it. The first one to win a lot of attention was Meneame, a spanish implementation of Digg, since they decided to deliver there code under the GPL license.

With free code available, it became a simple matter of time for other clones to pop up trough the net like mushrooms. And Portugal is no different: there is at least two new ones, ouvidizer.com and domelhor.net.

The latest is Paulo Querido's new project, and caught my attention due to some great links I have found there:

  • Belgium researchers were able to play the surrounding sound that was present during the painting of a south american vase with more the 5 centuries. You can hear people laughing, watch the video (in french);
  • Following Tetris, Russia give us a new form of addiction, Putin Chess. The link from domelhor.net points to a portuguese written page, more on Putin Chess here;
  • After Segway, Dean Kamen invented two devices, one able to purify 1000 liters of clean water a day, and the other one is a power generator able to make a kilowatt of anything that burns. More on CNN Money.

As you can see, it adds value, by helping one find news of interest, but the design of any of the webpages can be a lot better. Well, best wishes for everyone.

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