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Forget Flickr, loose YouTube, the new kid on the block is Jumpcut. Imagine a place where you can upload your own media (photos, clips, songs) or grab other's public media to create your own movies. Yes, that's right, create your own movies.

Mac fans, like me, will love the interface similar to iMovie. The big difference is that this one is easier to use, even being web based (great job guys).

In order to test the service, I uploaded 4 Pixar clips and a song from Fatboy Slim, and mixed my first Jumpcut movie. If you have 7 minutes to spare, take a look at it.

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Update: Published the "Making of". Bare in mind that this is version 3, since previous version was cut off to soon, and the first one add titles explaining each part of the process of creating the video.

But somehow the system is faulty, because the timing of appearence of the titles was wrong when viewing the movie, so I decided to cut all off and have only the screen capture.

Also, the screen capture has bad video quality, and some problems with the sound, but I blame that on my lack of experience with Snapz Pro.

When I made the movie, I wished to:

  • Have one music across all movie;
  • Mute the clip's music on the first two clips;
  • Syncronize the disco lights in the second clip with the music;
  • Add a movie title;
  • End the movie at the same time as the music.

So, with no further due, this is the making of Birds of prey:

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