An Inconvenient Truth

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Yesterday I went to the cinema and watched the Al Gore documentary. After, I had mixed feelings about it, so I had to stop and think, and here are my main conclusions:

  • If you have political sensibility, you will feel that there is to much of Al Gore's life in the movie. I guess is important to contextualize you in why he's doing this, but it made me feel uncomfortable;
  • If you have real concerns (and plan to do something about it) about the global warming problem, you should watch the documentary: it has a lot of new data, and it has the ability to clear up your mind;
  • If you need to do presentations and slide shows, than you must watch this documentary. Al Gore presentation skills are awesome, and the looks of the slides are just smashing. I guess I'm allow to say that Steve Jobs is no more the reference on the subject.

Summarizing, I suggest every one to watch the documentary.

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