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Nopes, it's not about Hollywood oscars (elected by some guys nobody cares) but about the free initiative named Oscar torrents. I really don't know who is behind this, but I really don't care: 133378 voters is a pretty good number for the first edition.

The film which won more oscartorrent was Pan's labyrinth, and the oscartorrent for the best picture was to The departed.

See the list movies and access the torrent files here.

The site disclaimer is also a pearl:

OSCARTORRENTS®, and the OSCAR THE PIRATE® statuette design mark are the unregistered marks of no one in particular. No ©2007. Nothing to do with the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences & ABC, Inc. All Rights Reversed. The Official Oscars is a sham produced by villiains in partnership with the cult of celebrity. By accessing this site you're probably comitting a felony somewhere -- but let your own idea of what is right and wrong be your guide.

Enjoy your movies.

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