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Isn't capitalism, democracy and freedom of speech great? A eBay user (and minor stockholder), unhappy with the performance of the company, has issued an online petition for the removal of Meg Whitman as eBay CEO.

The 3 main reasons for this petition are:

  • the lack of focus: eBay is more concerned in merging technologies (like Skype) than to bet on evolving the online auction sector;
  • eBay and Paypal refuse to address fraud issues and the concerns of the user base;
  • the existence of several technical issues that result in slow and erroneous searches, portions of the site not functioning properly, etc.

Is this a good idea? Will it result in anything? I sincerely don't know, but I like it, is a form of active citizenship, and we all should be active citizens. After all, that's why we live in a democracy, right?

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