The iPhone hype

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The iPhone will debut a week from tomorrow, and everyone is getting crazy about it. According to a AT&T document, Apple and AT&T stores will close at 4:30 pm and then reopen at 6:00 p.m. to "set the store up for iPhone sales and prepare your staff for a successful sales event". The document also refers to "Crowd Controls Devices" that should be in place a week earlier.

Meanwhile, Engadget got access to some pictures of the possible iPhone dock, as of the new Apple bluetooth headset. Will people be able to buy this tomorrow? Nobody really knows, but everybody is expecting really hard.

The stock market is also going crazy. On one side, it seems highly sceptical about the iPhone launch, with Apple shares dropping almost 3% in the last two trading sessions. On the other side, rumours refer to a "40% premium on the Apple share price", and the past days saw the birth of a new rumour: could Google buy Apple?

In the mean time, Opera launched is new Opera mini, the next generation browser for cellphones. For the launch, they mimic the Apple worldwide known "I'm a Mac, I'm a PC" campaign, with a comparison between the Opera mini and the iPhone. Come on guys, you can not compare software with hardware, the comparison is truly unfair. Could this mess be a result of the growing Opera Software internal problems?

As stated by the San Jose Mercury News, " There's hype, then there's iPhone hype".

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