Dear Mom and Dad

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Please help me to love myself.
Don’t spoil me; I know quite well that I shouldn’t have all that I ask for.
I’m only testing you – give me the discipline I need.
I need my sense of dignity so don’t belittle me in front of people.
I’ll take more notice if you talk to me with as much respect as you give your grown-up friends.
Don’t be too upset when I say that I hate you. It isn’t you I hate but your power over me.
Please be patient with me, I may be a late bloomer.
Please keep me feeling good about myself by telling the good things about myself more often than you tell me of the bad things you don’t like.
Don’t bribe me or make rash promises. Remember that I feel badly let down when promises are broken.
The more you give me the safety to expose my true feelings the more of my inner beauty I will risk showing.
Don’t be inconsistent, that confuses me and makes me lose faith in you.
Please praise and acknowledge me for who I am and not for the things I do, for then I will grow up without the stress of comparing and competing.
Please keep reminding me that I am good, capable and worthwhile, so that I grow up loving and accepting myself.
And finally, don’t forget that I can’t thrive without your love and understanding… but I don’t need to tell you, do I?

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