Candles that save water

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About 2.5 years ago, my friend Mário Silva ask me to help in the development of a solution that would allow people to transform used cooking oil into candles.

The basic idea was to develop a machine where one could store used vegetable oil (instead of trowing it into the drain) and by adding some chemical compound, the final result would be something valuable and fun, candles.

So, we built a prototype, found the correct mix of chemicals and patented the whole thing. After this, Mário dived into the VC world and armed with a strong business plan and a lot of enthusiasm, was able to rise the capital needed to fulfill the dream.

Mário created a company, oon solutions, which in a couple of months will start selling the Candle Maker. And because nothing is beyond Mário's dreams, he managed to present the whole thing in TEDx, which is now available to public viewing. Watch it, who knows, maybe you also will start loving your waste:

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