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Once in a while a think on what will be the generation gap between me and people from younger generations. I consider my self as a liberal person, but I'm pretty sure that, sometime in the future, I'll see a younger doing something that will clash against my principles, morals or ethic, but that will be completely accepted by the social norms. I just don't know what it will be.

The very first time I saw the following video, I started to see it. The video is a documentary about prosthetic technology, used mainly to help people who had lost some organ or member. But, as you watch the documentary, you will start to realize that some people with this prosthesis actually have a better performance than before. Yes, the cyborg is coming, and is coming really fast.

So, if in a couple of years your son tells you he is going to replace is perfectly healthy arm with an artificial one, just to be able to throw a ball a couple of meters longer, don't be surprised.

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