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The problem:

Imagine you are in Portugal, you want to go surfing, but you don't know where the best waves are.

What do you do?

Well, you open your surf guide, see what surf spots are near enough, search for a beachcam on that spot, and after some thorough evaluation, you finally decide where to go. Now it's time to search for the spot on Google Maps, and get some directions.

Wouldn't be great if there was a simpler way of doing all this?

Well, there is.

That's why I made https://wheretosurftoday.com some time ago.

wheretosurftoday.com homepage screenshot

wheretosurftoday.com homepage

And how exactly it solves the problem?

After you give authorization to the website to access your location, you will get:

  • 133 surf spots covering all the portuguese coast, north to south;
  • Access to the beachcam link, if one exists;
  • Specific information about the spot, useful to every surfer;
  • Direct links to Google Maps, with the exact coordinates;
  • Every spot has its own weather and swell forecast, in 3 hours slots;
  • Surf score taking into consideration the spot specifics and forecast;
  • Search based on geolocation (show only spots near enough);
  • Navigate using the built in map;
  • Hassle free, you don't need to sign up whatsoever, no ads;
  • Easier to type domain, https://wtst.info.

There is also an Android app available. The big advantage of using the mobile app is that geolocation is a lot more accurate (since it can use the device GPS).

What's new?

Today is the launch of version 3.0, with adds the following features:

  • A detailed forecast with score for the next 48 hours (every 3 hours);
  • More information: sunrise, sunset, air and sea temperatures;
  • More beachcams - now with 54 spots (in 133) covered;
  • Easy navigation to previous and next spot;

Detailed forecast

Beachcam and map pointers

Navigation to previous and next spot

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