Online banking security

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Update 1 day later: First, just to let you know that the comments on this post are richer than the post itself. Second, that Mit has found a contact form.

You know something is wrong with your online banking security when you access (instead of and you get an external page:

Note: before I post this article, I tried to find a contact form in CGD's homesite and warn them about this issue. Didn't find any. Even tried the website map.

Lisbon traffic

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Update: has all Brisa's webcams in a neat iPhone interface. Oh, the sweat joy of laziness. Thank you Carlos for the nice job.

I have to commute to Lisbon every day, through the 25 de Abril bridge. So, every day I need to check the traffic on the bridge, and choose the best alternative to get to my job. And since I'm a lazy person, and don't want to spend more than a minute checking the traffic, I've built a page in my blog with all the webcams I need to make my driving decisions. And it's now available to you all: Lisbon traffic through the 25 de Abril bridge.

Dipity, the timeliner

14 years and 2 weeks ago · listen

Just came across Dipity, a very interesting service which allow us to make a nice presented timeline of events. By event you should think RSS feeds, Youtube videos, etc. Just for fun, I pointed my RSS feed to it and it generated the following widget:

Pretty neat.

A short history of marketing

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A great short movie considering the changes occurred in marketing and advertising for the last 30 years. Since I'm a partner for a digital agency, I guess these are good news for the business:

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History of the Internet

14 years and 3 weeks ago · listen

A short animated documentary from Milah Bilgil, who does a great job explaining the origins and some concepts of the Internet. The video uses a new type of info-graphic called PICOL icons, which will soon be made available for free on PICOL stands for Pictorial Communication Language - it's a project that aims to create "a standard and reduced sign system for electronic communication." PICOL is free to use and open to alter.

RSS readers should click here to watch the video.