Social Media in 2009

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It's one of those articles you must read. Via Twitter.

Baby connectus

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It’s now official: I need Youtube to feed my son.

Online banking security

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Update 1 day later: First, just to let you know that the comments on this post are richer than the post itself. Second, that Mit has found a contact form.

You know something is wrong with your online banking security when you access (instead of and you get an external page:

Note: before I post this article, I tried to find a contact form in CGD's homesite and warn them about this issue. Didn't find any. Even tried the website map.

Lisbon traffic

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Update: has all Brisa's webcams in a neat iPhone interface. Oh, the sweat joy of laziness. Thank you Carlos for the nice job.

I have to commute to Lisbon every day, through the 25 de Abril bridge. So, every day I need to check the traffic on the bridge, and choose the best alternative to get to my job. And since I'm a lazy person, and don't want to spend more than a minute checking the traffic, I've built a page in my blog with all the webcams I need to make my driving decisions. And it's now available to you all: Lisbon traffic through the 25 de Abril bridge.

Dipity, the timeliner

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Just came across Dipity, a very interesting service which allow us to make a nice presented timeline of events. By event you should think RSS feeds, Youtube videos, etc. Just for fun, I pointed my RSS feed to it and it generated the following widget:

Pretty neat.