Gmail voice and video chat

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Google announced today the voice and video chat for Gmail. To make this work, users have to install a small browser plugin. Google will start enabling these new features for all Gmail and Google Apps today, and as is typical for new releases in Gmail, Google will roll this feature out to all users over the "next day or so". Is this the final nail on Skype's coffin?

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Change has come to America

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Obama has won, with majority in the senate and the house. And while I'm writing this, my spell checker doesn't recognize the word "Obama". So, Apple dudes, it's time to update the Mac OS X dictionaries.


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Tabbloid is a project from Hewlett-Packard that turns your feeds into a pdf document (someone call it a magazine). All you need to do is point it at one or more feeds, set up a delivery time and you will get a nicely formatted pdf file by email. You can also generate a pdf on the fly from one or more feeds.

As a joke, I try it with the PrintScreen feed. You can see a screenshot here or download the resulting pdf file.

On Apple shares

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Enough said:

Right away, one ought to notice the staggering growth rate in both revenue and earnings that Apple displayed in 2008. Apple’s real revenue grew 54.5% from $24.637 billion in FYE 2007 to $38.041 billion in FYE 2008 — a full $13.4 billion growth in revenues. Even more impressive is Apple’s 81.2% growth rate in adjusted net income. For a company that is trading at 12 times 2008 earnings, it doesn’t take a genius to conclude that Apple is severely undervalued. Especially since Apple currently trades at about 3.37 times its cash position — which is objectively and significantly lower than every other large cap tech company.

GOOG trades at 7.18 times its cash position, RIMM at 15.51 times cash, AMZN at 9.15 times cash, MSFT at 9.13 times cash, CSCO at 3.62 times cash, IBM at 10.96 times cash, INTC at 6.54 times cash, and HPQ at 5.15 times cash. What is more, only GOOG, AAPL and MSFT have no debt of the companies mentioned above. Apple has the largest net cash position than any of those companies and Apple has more net cash than RIMM, GOOG, AMZN and IBM combined.

Via Daring Fireball. That could explain today's gains.

Video clip made in Excel

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Don't you love when someone makes something completely out of the box? I do. AC/DC made the first video clip made entirely in Excel, a video for the "Rock N Roll Train" music. Download the spreadsheet from or see it working:

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