Catching the blog

15 years and 2 months ago · listen

I often ask myself the following question:

Which blogs should one read to be most up to date, i.e., to quickly know about important stories that propagate over the blogosphere?

My daily blog list is based on my interests, blog ranking sites, search engines and personal recommendations, and I'm pretty pleased with it. But sometimes, stories just get by, undetected by the radar. But now there is a new (and better) way to know which blogs to watch for.


How creativity is being strangled by the law

15 years and 2 months ago · listen

A great TED Talk from Lawrence Lessig (aka Larry Lessig), on how the fundamentals of law are not ready to coupe with the present process of generating culture, the phenomena known as user generated content. It's a very elegant presentation of "3 examples and one argument".

I'm a great fan of Lawrence's work, read some of his books, praise him for the creation of the creative commons license, and love the way he does presentations (with the slides synchronized with the speech).

Unlocked iPhones for all

15 years and 3 months ago · listen

Via the International Herald Tribune, Apple choose Orange to be the exclusive seller of iPhones in France. So, what's new?

Due to French law prohibiting the forced bundling of mobile devices with a specific carrier, Apple and Orange will be required to sell an unlocked version of the iPhone.

So, my iPhone will be available in France starting next November, starting at €399, plus Orange contract and flight price. Can't wait.

A few creative men

15 years and 3 months ago · listen


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