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A breeze of fresh air on the Portuguese creativity sphere: YouTuga has, for now, a video from a well known politician, where you can change the subtitles at your will, and send your version to your friends (or enemies).


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Is Chinlone a sport or a dance? What do you think?

RSS readers should click here to watch the video.


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Finally, Google responded to Yahoo's acquisition of by developing his own service, named Google Shared Stuff. The service looks crappy, but I think that's because the lack of users in the system. Being a kind of service heavily dependent on the network effect, it will take a while for the service to bloom and flourish. I'm willing to try it, since is getting slower and slower search results.

The danger of greed

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A great article about the path Apple is taking. Since the launch of the iPhone, and lately the new iPod touch, people is complaining about some of Apple decisions.

Dear Steve, please take a moment to read it and think about the subject. And remember, 'one bad apple spoils the barrel'.

The new Sony Rolly

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The new Sony Rolly SEB-10BT is a funny little thing: it has 2 small 1.2W speakers, and it moves with the music rhythm. Just take a peek at the following video and see it for yourself:

It's not really a personal mp3 player due to is size, but is definitely a breeze of fresh air in the market.