Live art

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Update: Another friend sent me another great video, which I placed in the bottom of this article. And you? Do you have any good video to share?

A friend sent me a YouTube video of a paint artist making a painting in a live audience, synchronized with the music. It's a great video, and you should watch it to the end:

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4.5 million iPhones this year?

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Update 19-7-2007: Reuters confirms the rumour.

If this is true, Apple stock will go ballistic. Steve Jobs talked about selling 800.000 iPhones this year, and forecasted 10 million in 2008 (1% of market share). If what iSuppli states is true, the iPhone outsold all smartphones in the United States in July, its first full month on sale, accounting for 1.8 percent of all U.S. mobile handset sales. iSuppli forecast for iPhone sales this year is now 4.5 million.

Can't wait for the European (read 3G) version.

10 reasons to invest in Apple

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Everyone is talking about stock, housing and credit markets, the next bubble/depression, you name it. With people asking, I have decided to compile the 10 reasons why I invested in Apple stock, and sincerely, why I don't give a damn about all the bad news. So, here are the 10 good reasons to invest in Apple stock:



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CineSpin is maybe the best tool I ever seen to know more about movies, actors and directors. It uses the freebase api and presents the data in a very elegant and shiny interface, built with flash: