Da Vinci would be proud

9 years and 6 months ago · listen

In 1980, the American Helicopter Society (AHS) International established the AHS Sikorsky Prize, which would award the first human powered helicopter to meet the following requirements:

  • The flight must last 60 seconds or more;
  • The aircraft must reach at least 3 meters of altitude;
  • The center point of aircraft must stay inside a 10x10 meters square.

For 33 years a lot of people tried to win the prize, and on June 13th 2013 the award was finnaly won by AeroVelo, a team of students and professors from the University of Toronto.

Here is the video:

Congratulations guys, Da Vinci would be proud.

Moto X leaked video

9 years and 6 months ago · listen

A Roger's commercial about the Moto X leaked, and some of the features for the new Motorola (now a Google company) smartphone are presented:

For Apple fans, this is a nice way to know in advance what features will have the new iPhone ;p

Space Oddity in the ISS

9 years and 8 months ago · listen

Watching this gave me the chills, with the music being one of my all time favorites and the fact that its recorded in the International Space Station. I just can't resist myself and had to post it: