The website stickiness paradox

12 years and 2 weeks ago · listen

Update: a study conducted by Webtrends confirms the paradox.</strong>

Since the beginning of the world wide web, entrepreneurs and investors strive for high levels of engagement of their website, or what we used to call "stickiness". Time-on-site and page views by unique user are indicators everyone is trying to improve and boost. And that sounds reasonable.

Meanwhile, Cost per click (CPC) became the dominant advertising model on the web, and paradoxically, it rewards un-sticky websites.

Think Google: it's probably the more un-sticky website out there, with people spending just a few seconds in it, doing the search, reading the results and jumping out, with Google earning a few cents in the process.

Now think Facebook: people spend hours on Facebook, and the last think they want to do is to click an ad and go away. It's like going to a bar to socialize and never buy anything. This is why Facebook became the most visited site in the web, but generates only 1/30 of Google's revenue in paid advertising.

So, in a nutshell, Facebook's CPC advertising model will not succeed, they will have to think in alternative revenue sources (f-commerce, places, etc.) and webmasters should re-think their web strategy.

What do you think?

Mobile phone by Mozilla Labs

12 years and 4 months ago · listen

What happens when Mozilla Labs decide to conceptualize their vision for the future of the mobile phone? You get Seabird:

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Blackberry Playbook

12 years and 4 months ago · listen

Here it is, RIM's response to the iPad, the Blackberry Playbook. Main differences I can tell from this video are the true multitasking interface, and flash support (or how they call it, "uncompromised browsing").

Note, it will be only available in "early 2011", so it will compete not with the present iPad, but most probably with the 2nd generation iPad. Prices are still not available.

Update: a nice comparison between the new Blackberry's Playbook, Apple's iPad, Samsung's Galaxy Tab and Dell's Streak.

RSS readers may need to visit the blog to see the video.