Productivity tips

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I consider myself as someone abnormally concerned with efficiency. I'm always trying to find a way to execute tasks with the minimum waste of resources (time, money, energy, space,...), which is good, in a ecologic and generic way, but can be mind blowing when out of control.

During a day job, I'm pretty like John Doe: normally, I'm carrying more than one project at the same time, some where I'm really working on, others where I'm just waiting for someone to deliver some thing; when I get deep into something I usually forget other tasks, which can be tough, if we are talking groceries; So, I need a way to organize myself, to be as much efficient as i can.

I knew GTD (Getting Things Done) some time ago, and even use it for sometime, just to reach to the conclusion that is had to much overhead for my personal use. But it has some very good lessons in how to organize ourselves to better productivity, So, after some reading and digging, I decided to compile what I think are the best practices you can do to help yourself in being more efficient.


Microsoft re-designs iPod packaging

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For all the product managers out there, a brilliant parody on how Microsoft would re-design the iPod packaging. See it for yourself, and please share the lessons learned (via Rui).

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Karlus did it again:, finding relevant portuguese content, at your service. Brilliant, but were are the rss feeds? Ahh, and with the best how to I ever seen, in one line.