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Following the series "my computer has an invisible friend", today's show is about the invisible mouse:

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How to connect your brain to a computer

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Here is the how-to, in a 4 minutes video:

<p>Project developed by the Ghent University (Belgium) using OpenVibe, a open source software for brain-computer interfaces, from Inria.

Select sound with sound

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Yesterday, we saw how we'll be able to use our eyes to enhance our reading experience via Text 2.0. And my eyes popped.

What about using our sounds to select and manipulate sound? The following video shows an experiment where one can select parts of a music by singing along, grunting or even whistling:

Yap, today my jaws dropped.

Via O'Reilly Radar

Text 2.0

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What happens when the text you're reading knows what you are reading? You have just encountered text 2.0.

Using eye-trackers, HTML, CSS and a lot of Javascript, these guys from the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI) are creating a all new reading experience, where text adapts at what you are reading, the pace of your reading, etc.

Still hard to imagine? Maybe this video could help you understand this amazing concept:

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Via hplusmagazine.

The Internet of Things

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#internet #iot

When a video is worth a 1.000 words:

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