SMS consumatori

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Due to the increase prices in food, the italian government has build and delivered a break-through service, the SMS consumatori, a service where one can send the name of a product through a SMS and receive the average price for it across Italy. Is this sufficient to stop speculation?

Apple WWDC in 60 seconds

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Enough said:

Adapting websites to users

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What if a website knew your way of thinking and adapt accordingly? Do you prefer clean facts on a clean page, or a lot of charts and graphics? Forget user profiles, stored cookies, or long questionnaires, this new system will work by watching the first clicks you do, and adapting the next pages to your style of thinking. Interested? Read the paper.

Via Technology Review

Bending wire

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Everyone knows some animals are capable of using tools to accomplish certain tasks, but what I didn't know is that some animals are able to build their own tools to get what they want. The following video is mind blowing:

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Sit straight

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If you spend long periods in front of a computer (like me), you should have a correct body position in order to prevent injuries. This site shows you how to sit straight when using a computer.

And remember the 20/20/20 rule: every 20 minutes take a 20 seconds break to look 20 feet away.