Best April fools prank ever

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With the usual BBC's quality, a documentary about flying penguins. I guess linux users will love this movie:

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Traffic jams explained

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Ever been on a traffic jam, and all over sudden all things get going, and you never realize what the hell caused the traffic jam in the first place? Well, japanese scientists studied the subject deeply, done some experiments and got some conclusions. Read this New Scientist article to know more about this, and watch the following video where you can watch a traffic jam appear from nowhere:

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The online advertising business

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eMarketeer published a study about online advertising spending in the UK, present and future (bold mine):

Advertisers will spend £3.4 billion in 2008, a rise of 27% from the year before, according to new online ad spending figures released by eMarketer. Internet advertising spending will continue to show double-digit growth through 2010, passing £4.3 billion in 2010 and exceeding £5 billion in 2012.

Even considering that the UK market isn't the world market, it's a very good insight, which allows me to say we are on the right track to growth. In this case, numbers speak for themselves:

Google App Engine

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It's out, it's free (at least for now), and it's a serious competitor to Amazon Web Services, with a more turn-key solution:

Google is offering to host your entire web app, not just the storage. It lets you use Google Checkout for commerce and Google Accounts for user accounts.

Via John Gruber.


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Everything you need to know about OpenID in a very nice article from ReadWriteWeb.