Incredible fold-ins

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Al Jaffee's fold-ins for Mad magazine, from the 1960s to the present, in interactive form.

Via Frederico Marques via twitter.

URLs as UI

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A very interesting article from Adam Darowski on transforming URLs into usable pieces of the user interface.

Image credits: Adam Darowski.

All your iPhones are belong to us

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Following our discussion, iPhone Dev Team gave a step further in a totally open iPhone platform. Watch the following video till the end, there is always one last thing:

RSS readers should click here to see the video.

Subscribe by email

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Since a lot of people prefer email as the method for content syndication, is now possible to subscribe to this blog by email. Just follow the previous link or visit the blog and use the form in the sidebar. The service is offered by Feedburner.

A tale about security

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Once open a time, a company which had a lot of people using his digital media player, pushed people to use his browser through an 'almost automatic' software update. People complained about this behaviour, others defend it, and there was what someone called a nano-scandal, and a lot of people installed the new browser.

And then there were the bad guys (cause a tale has always bad guys), who found a way to break into someone's computer through a bug in the referenced browser. So, the company was/his installing a lock into a lot of personal computers, and someone has just found the master key.

Bad timing? Bad luck? Or karma?