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The documentary about bloggers, "Blogumentary", is finally available to watch online. It includes interviews with Jeff Jarvis, Jason Kottke and more. Watch it below (1h05m24s).

RSS readers should click here to watch the movie.

Defense Marriage Initiative

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In Portugal, people is discussing next Sunday's referendum (should or should not be a crime for a woman to abort in the first 10 weeks of gestation).

In Washington, people are discussing if one can marry with another even if they have no plans to procreate. Better, if the law is approved, every one who get married in the state of Washington, have three years to procreate, or get their marriage "unrecognized". In my humble opinion, The Defense Marriage Initiative must be the stupidest law I ever saw. (via Melo)

Atlas Gloves

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Atlas Gloves is a DIY (Do It Yourself) physical interface for controlling 3D mapping applications like Google Earth. With a pair of illuminating gloves, the user is able to fly above the world and zoom in and out, tilt, and rotate by doing various gestures. The technical implementation includes a small camera attached to a computer.

The open source Atlas Gloves application can be downloaded at the website and operated from home using a webcam and two self-made illuminating gloves. Check out how to build your own illuminating gloves and download the open source application.

Watch the demo video.

Generation Cash

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After reading the BBC article about the plans for YouTube to share is ad revenue with users, I recall a recent article I've read in Trend Watching about Generation Cash.

About three and a half years ago, they talked about a new trend arising, what they called Generation C(ontent). I think we now can all agree that they were right, and that it culminated with the Time's Person of Year: You issue.

Meanwhile, companies are earning a lot of money by aggregating one's content, so it's only fair to share part of the profit with the producers of the content.

GENERATION C(ONTENT) is joining GENERATION C(ASH). If consumers produce the content, if they are the content, and that content brings in money for aggregating brands, then revenue and profit-sharing is going to be one of 2007’s main themes in the online space. It’s not like brands will have a choice: talented consumers are going to be too sought after to remain satisfied with thank you notes. Get ready for an avalanche of revenue sharing deals, reward schemes and sumptuous gifts aimed at luring creative consumers.

YouTube rivals are already following the trend, and YouTube must stay a competetive player, so it was just a matter of time. Here is an image of the Generation C(ash) pioneers:

By the way, shouldn't we be talking about Fon also?