Matrix vs Dark City

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These guys claim (in spanish) that the Matrix is a copy of Dark City. Well, Dark City is from 1998, and Matrix from 1999, and when you see the evidences it sure looks like plagiarism.

Calendar war is over

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30 boxes debuted 4 days ago, and it rockz! Finally found my calendar service, thank you guys:

  • Add new events through a command line (brilliant);
  • Eficient Ajax powered interface, working in all browsers;
  • Tag enabled events;
  • Shared events, even with people outside 30boxes;
  • Full integration with iCal and Outlook;
  • Javascript/HTML badge to include a snippet of your calendar in other web sites;
  • Will have an API soon.

Ahhhh, and it's free.

Obfuscating Bittorrent traffic

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Azureus and uTorrent (the two most popular bittorrent clients) had included in their latest beta new forms of encryption, which will provide a completely random-looking header and (optionally) payload to avoid passive protocol identification and traffic shaping. The technical details are a bit hairy, but if have the guts you can always take a peek here.

But Bram Cohen, the guy who invented the Bittorrent protocol, does not agree with this decision, since he believes that ISP's will be able to still detect Bittorrent traffic, and that this could harms the Internet performance as a whole, as stated in his blog.

What's next, an encrypted Skype?


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After 2 weeks of design, coding and others, is now officially launched. This will be a evolving site, with new features and functionalities being added across the time. I intend to use it as my Ruby on Rails test bed, so put your fingers crossed.

All posts from alinobairro had been migrated here, but comments were not, and I'm still in the process of adding tags to the older posts.

This site will be more than a blog, but for now, it's just a blog and a couple of pages (see the upper left corner).

Please take a look at it, try it, and give me some feedback by commenting to this post. Thank you.

Your rights online

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