The ultimate geek car

17 years and 4 weeks ago · listen

I'm really sorry Santa, for being a pain in the ass, but with all the gadgets I'm requesting, I will need a car to transport them:

  • Can you send me one of this?

Ok, this was my last request.

Mac World San Francisco

17 years and 4 weeks ago · listen

Dear Santa, is me again. I've just watched Steve's keynote (1h32m23s) and I would like to add to my wish list a couple of things:

  • the new iMac, with a Intel duo processor inside (2-3 times faster);
  • a MacBook Pro, also with the Intel beast (4-5 times faster), an iSight built in and a remote controller;
  • the new iLife 06, now with iWeb (amazing!);
  • the new iWork;
  • and a .Mac account.

Ahh, and a huge, huge one was a real Mac retail store here.

Late christmas

17 years and 4 weeks ago · listen

Dear Santa, I know I'm late, but can you please send me one of each?

  • this one for be able to speak with my mom while in the pub;
  • one of this, to impress girls;
  • and one of this, because it's so cool!!

Thanks in advance.

Google announcements

17 years and 1 month ago · listen

Fresh from ArsTechnica, it seems tomorrow Google will announce a new video service:

The service, which will be an addition to Google's Video Search, will allow users to buy video content for pre-determined prices, and the company is expected to announce partnerships with the likes of CBS and the NBA.

Additionally, Google will announce Google Pack, several applications available for download in a single installation bundle:

Sources tell us that Google pack will feature a Google-tweaked version of Firefox, Adobe Acrobat Reader, antivirus software from Symantec, AdAware, Trillian, and Google's own offerings, including Google Desktop Search, Picasa, Google Earth, Google Talk, and all of the toolbar action you can shake a stick at. Oh, and I left out one other item: the RealPlayer.

You can read the complete article here