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I heard this term for the first time last week in Boston. I understood "sites that use two or more external sources to provide a new service". The first reference was Mappr, which uses Google Maps and Flickr APIs to geographically organize Flickr photos. But mashups are more than this, they have a huge fun potencial, as stated by this Zdnet's post.

Update: While thinking on the subject, I decided to make my first movie mashup: five pixar movies and a soundtrack, and you have it, an all new video clip for Birds of Prey by Fat Boy Slim. While you wait for the download (6MB for a 6m49s clip) you can take a look at the Web 2.0 Mashup Matrix.

Identity 2.0

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An astonishing presentation from Sxip CEO Dick Hardt, about Identity 2.0. Very well contextualized within the Web 2.0 vision, and with great style (marketeers should also take a peek for new presentation ideas). If you have 15 minutes and 13 seconds (plus download time) watch it here.

Go fetch!

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Today, Google released is blog search service. It's a clean and useful service, and it was very funny for me to read other people references to my posts: i don't have trackbacks.

Meanwhile, a startup debuted in cyberspace today: truveo. They claim to have a technology which allows them to visual crawl through the Internet. Or, in more dumb words, they have crwalers able to watch movies and other visual content in the Internet, and categorized it. The few experiences I made resulted in impressive results. Try it yourself.

Apple tips

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Ever got stucked with a bootable CD in your Mac, unable to eject it, and wondering what the hell are you going to do now? Just press (and hold) your mouse button when booting, all media will be ejected. This and a lot more tricks in the Magical Macintosh Key Sequences

  • Does .mac worth the money you pay for it? Well, this guy thinks not, so he replace it!! Read this and learn how to do it yourself
  • If you live in Portugal (like me), you will have to wait a lot for the iPod nano. Meanwhile, why not do one yourself? Read the instructions, print, cut and fold, and sing your favorite song