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If you have work to do, don't go to this link. You have been warned.

iPod flea

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One word to caracterize this: brilliant!

It's now easier to buy porn

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Original article here, bold it's my contribution to it:

PayPal, the global online payment service (is Visa and Google sleeping on the job?), today announced new micropayments processing fees for digital goods. The new pricing will provide merchants (read porn site owners) with a more affordable way to process payments for low-cost digital content such as video games (read porn films), online greeting cards, news articles, mobile phone content and digital music. PayPal's micropayments pricing is designed to give customers the convenience of a-la-carte purchases (read porn a-la-carte), such as 99-cent downloadable ringtones (read porn movies), without having to sign up for annual subscriptions (no one needs to know you love porn) or pre-funded payment accounts (porn when you want, no need to pre-pay it).

Apple quickies

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So, yesterday Apple announced:

  • the iTunes phone, nothing new, since SonyEricsson did it previously. And the fact of beeing iTunes vs Other Music Store maybe not an advantage after all, since operators are denying to buy the iTunes Phone: they want a peace of the cake in the music market. Let's wait and see what the future reserves to us;
  • iTunes 5, with some really neat new features. Still have to install and try it;
  • iPod nano, with one of the best claims ever: impossibly small.

A new PDA

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I'm using the Hipster PDA from some time now, with very good results. Today I found this. Tomorrow I will have a printer, will try it.

Update: It works like a charm, and here you can get even more ideas.