Meanwhile, in the IM world...

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BetaNews as a rumour about Microsoft and Yahoo linking their IM networks. The main reason to do that seems to be the ever growing threat from voice chats, like Skype, which, by the way, as a new wireless voice handset by Linksys, the CIT2000. In my personal opinion, in order to survive, all IM networks will have to connect to each other, so this decision is only one more step to the inevitable.

Visual tour

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Today, is all about visual:

  • from a study on biological motion patterns, play with the sliders here and try to guess who's walking;
  • adverstising companies should take a look at the heliodisplay, it can really boost any old billboard;
  • a truly "fingertips" experience with this new computer interface, TactaPad, and since i'm only linking to visual experiences, watch the demos where one interacts with a Mac, and where one makes some drawings;
  • and finally, a personal site which looks exactly as is owner powerbook (requires flash player 8).

Google reader

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I've just noticed Google Reader, so I decided to give it a try. First step, export my blogroll from Bloglines: 20 seconds.

Second step, import it to Google Reader. It's not working with Safari, and seems to do nothing with Firefox. Bahhh, it's friday night, I'm going for a beer.

P2P counter attack

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After losing the eDonkey battle, the P2P community responds with:

1-1, I would say...

Web office

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After the rumor of a browser-based office application suite by Google and Sun resulted in nothing, let me point you the browser-based office application suite by ThinkFree.