Apple quickies

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So, yesterday Apple announced:

  • the iTunes phone, nothing new, since SonyEricsson did it previously. And the fact of beeing iTunes vs Other Music Store maybe not an advantage after all, since operators are denying to buy the iTunes Phone: they want a peace of the cake in the music market. Let's wait and see what the future reserves to us;
  • iTunes 5, with some really neat new features. Still have to install and try it;
  • iPod nano, with one of the best claims ever: impossibly small.

A new PDA

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I'm using the Hipster PDA from some time now, with very good results. Today I found this. Tomorrow I will have a printer, will try it.

Update: It works like a charm, and here you can get even more ideas.

Frei Internet in dam haus

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Deutsche Telekom will roll out a fiber to the curve network, allowing for 50 Mbps connections at home. And if you think that's all, what about a 6 week free trial at 25 Mbps? Maybe now is a good time to learn some german.

More here.

Have a mac mini? Need more disk space?

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Just stack one if this below the mini and you get extra 250 GB of disk capacity. It's beautiful, and so well integrated, that your wife will never notice you spent even more money with your hobbie.

Place your bet

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Everyone is talking about next week (Sept. 7) Apple announcement, but no one really knows what is all about. Please take your chances:

  • iPod video with iTunes Music Store selling video clips;
  • switching iPod Mini to a flash-based technology;
  • flash-based larger-capacity Shuffles;
  • a totally new category of devices;
  • the Motorola iTunes phone;
  • a mobile OS. </ul>