A good idea

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How to provide clean water to very poor people, using a diferent energy source.

Via Samuel Martins.

Comparison websites

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In a world where geographical constraints are no more, economic rules have to be re-evaluated. Due to online commerce, things like location, facilities and technical advisory are no longer competitive advantages. If I, as a customer, can have all the technical advisory I need from the web, and can buy whatever I want with a simple point and click, then price will become the ultimate decision maker.


A peek into the future

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A very nice article stating the top 10 technologies that will change your life, from Live Science.


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If what Reuters is reporting is true (still waiting for confirmation), Toshiba has thrown the towel on the HD-DVD vs Blu-Ray war. I guess last Friday's Wal-Mart decision to abandon the format and stick to Blu-Ray, was HD-DVD's last nail in the coffin.

Better this way, this war was only stalling the development of the next generation DVDs, and creating a lot of confusion on customers head.

iPhone unlock in 3 minutes

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Finally, on the 8th of February, George Hotz (please donate) cracked the protection scheme used in the iPhone. In a matter of hours, a lot if scripts and applications arose in order to facilitate the job to the average joe.

Yesterday, a new tool hit the radar, and is now possible to unlock, jailbreak and activate iPhones 1.1.2 and 1.1.3 OTB in less than 3 minutes. So, if you are one in the million that have a locked iPhone, grab the ZiPhoneGUI tool (available only for windows) and happy cracking.