Steve's green keynote address

16 years and 3 weeks ago · listen

The following video represents what Greenpeace would like to be the next Steve Jobs keynote. It's a natural step after the great website Greenpeace has made named a greener Apple:

RSS readers should click here to watch the video.

Apple iPhone

16 years and 3 weeks ago · listen

Dear Santa, I know is a bit early, but this christmas all I want is an Apple iPhone.


16 years and 3 weeks ago · listen

As everyone, I'm can't wait for today's Steve Jobs keynote at the MacWorld San Francisco. What are the new gadgets he's going to announce? Which software suites will have new versions (or new applications)? Will he announce the delivery date for Leopard (the next version of MacOSX)?

Meanwhile, I decided to make a (funny?) exercise:

  • first, I compile all the rumours someone is talking about and made a list of terms;
  • next, for each term, went to Google and search for 'MWSF 07' + term;
  • finally, created the following graphic with the number of results:

The keynote will start at 5 pm GMT, so soon we will be able to know if this is (or not) a viable method for predict Apple announcements

Children See, Children Do

16 years and 4 weeks ago · listen

Great, great video, produced with the generousand creative support of DDB Sydney. Children see, children do, so make your influence positive:

Search YouTube by terms

16 years and 1 month ago · listen

Would you like to search for a specific text speech in YouTube videos? Don't know how to do it? Using speech recognition technology, PodZinger searches words within both audio and video, not just the metadata, to classify content based on topic and usage.

And they have it for YouTube. Try it by searching for videos in YouTube with the sentence “make my day”